FAQ about LED Christmas Light Bulbs

1. Q: How does LED Christmas lights work? A: when electricity passes through an LED, which contains a special semi-conductive material, it will emit light. There is no heat and a lot less electricity use.

2.Q: Do the mini Christmas Bulbs look the same mixed with the incandescent bulbs? A: No, you can not mix them in the same strand.

3. Q: If one Christmas light bulb goes out on a strand, do the rest go out? A: NO. The rest stay lit unless the string has been cut.

4.Q: What is the wattage of your LED light strings? A: The 35 Light strings use 2.4 watts per string - the 70 count light strings use 4.8 watts per string.

5.Q: Is it cost effect to replace all my old incandescent bulbs with Retro Fit Bulbs: A: NO. The over-all cost to replace all the incandescent bulbs with the Retro Fit would be more expensive than to purchase an entire new strand of LEDs.

6. Q: Can I get rid of some of the wires? A: Sure, if you are willing to rewire the system. A single circuit typically has 50 bulbs in series, each connected to the next with a single wire.

7. Q: Do I need special connectors? A: Only for commercial strings. Remember to add at least 1 adapter and enough spacers to complete the job. You will need only one adaptor per 125 strings as long as they are going to be all connected end to end.

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