The Spectacular Decorative Christmas Lights

Currently, the local major shopping malls are also beginning to focus on Christmas lighting fair or promote decorative Christmas lights during the Christmas season. Although there is still a large gap between the local major shopping malls and the ecdemic major shopping malls, some individual mall Christmas device has made great progress.

There are the largest and most beautiful Christmas tree groups in the main square, when you stroll in the flower city square, you can find the silver-white giant decorative Christmas lights dazzling in the Christmas trees. The height of some Christmas light trees can reach up to 20 meters, and dozens of large Christmas tree extend throughout the flower city square up to one kilometer.

More than 100 Christmas trees with colored decorative Christmas lights and bouquets make every corner of Grandview Plaza full of Christmas ambience. Especially the north atrium ferrero rocher Christmas tree is very spectacular, which adopts hundreds of ferrero rochers. 7-meter-high Christmas trees are also beautiful in the atrium.

During the Christmas season, in addition to the general promotions and decorations, a highly interactive program will be held in the Grandview Plaza, such as childhood angel, hymns and Santa Claus, they are the same as western Christmas.

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