The Notices of Buying White LED Christmas Tree Lights

According to the number of lamp cap, the varieties of LED Christmas lights can be classified into a few heads, dozens of heads and hundreds of head. According to the flashing rhythm, they can be divided into one hop type and several hop type. Divided by function, you can find the electronic control horse race lamp and electronic control music lights; divided by color, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white.

The bulb is inserted in the soft core, each bulb has two contactors, one LED string light has dozens or hundreds of contactors, especially the white LED Christmas tree lights walls have tens of thousands of contactors. If the material of the down-lead is not good or the specification is not up to standard, or bulb assembly is insecure, which would enable the local temperature rise, the soft core will be softened or even cause a fire.

In United States, the claim indemnity was once occurred for LED Christmas lights quality problems. Therefore, the UL standards require the manufacturers use the fire-retardant wire with a plug of insurance, the guide lines should go through tensile testing in order to ensure safe use. There are many LED Christmas lights manufacturers in China, the product quality is quite different, regardless of the interests of customers, some manufacturers produced shoddy LED lights, and it is very dangerous for the customers.

When we buy white LED Christmas tree lights, we must pay attention to the product quality, if the copper line is very fine, or the lamp holder terminal connection is not strong, they are dangerous for you, you’d better buy the safety plugs and fire-retardant wires, only these kinds of LED Christmas tree lights are safe and reliable.

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